Salah satu cara untuk meningkatkan trafik pada blog anda adalah dengan memasukkan blog anda ke dalam senarai blog direktori. Walaupun blog direktori jarang dilawati oleh manusia, tetapi, ianya seringkali digunakan oleh pihak search engine untuk mendapatkan senarai blog-blog yang terkini. Jadi, tidak hairanlah mengapa blog direktori seringkali mendapat PR yang tinggi dari google.

Berikut adalah beberapa senarai blog direktori yang mempunyai PR google yang tinggi, mungkin anda boleh gunakan menghantar blog anda ke direktori tersebut.

  • 9rules Network

    Blogging network containing content from independent authors.

  • Blogwise

    A directory of blogs, grouped by keyword and country. Intends to be a guide to blogs around the world.


    Provides update notification via the web, email, and instant messenger.

  • Library Weblogs

    Directory categorized by geographic location, compiled by Peter Scott.

  • Popdex

    Crawls over ten thousand news and blog sites daily. Ranks and updates the top links hourly.

  • Blogging Ecosystem

    Regularly updated link-based ranking of a number of weblogs and related sites.

  • Blog Flux

    Weblog directory plus a button maker, Google PageRank checker, and a pinging service.

  • BlogStreet

    Blog profiles, RSS ecosystem, blog “tops”, search and directory.

  • Globe of Blogs

    An index of weblogs as submitted by their authors.


    A directory of photo-centric weblogs.

  • Eatonweb Portal

    Searchable directory of blogs which are initially grouped by category, language and country.

  • Blog Search Engine

    Search engine and directory listings of blogs and blogging tools.

  • LS Blogs

    Directory of blogging-related sites: forums, directories and search engines, software and hosts, and blogs.

  • Registry

    Directory of journals, diaries, and personal weblogs.

  • BlogHop

    Weblog portal. View by rating or freshness. Searchable and grouped by categories.

  • Bloogz

    Search for blogs by typing in a keyword. You can choose from five languages.

  • Blog Universe

    Directory of blogs as submitted and categorized by the blog owners.

  • Bloginality

    Weblogger personality types based on Myers-Briggs.

  • What She Said!

    Directory of political blogs written by women.

  • Weblogs, Inc.

    Creating trade weblogs across niche industries in which user participation is an essential component of the resulting product.

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